Have you ever had time to think of the days when installing such things as doors, windows or frames had to be done manually? The process needed that a technician seeks the support of more than three other persons to help with putting the fixtures in place before applying the hinges. Not anymore with the new technology. With Viking Arm Tool, the operation has been made so simple.  

Viking Arm Tool is a clamping tool used in clamping doors, windows and any other innovation or construction that requires to be fitted tightly into a predefined position. It can lift a weight up to 150kg which means there is no limit to what it can do. Lifting materials to position, screwing bolts and balancing in position, this product is ingenious when in operation. It makes tasks that otherwise would have been complicated so simple. With the Viking clamping tool, your work as a fitter is made easier.  

Viking Specifications 

Viking Arm Tool is made of stainless steel, with some parts consisting of aluminum. This gives it the power to carry heavier loads and drive in tough bolts. it can lift a weight of up to 150 kgs with ease. It is capable of clamping an area of between 6 to 215 millimeters which means fixing your home doors, windows, floors or other home fixtures are no match for this amazing device.  

It has a wide base, made of steel, giving it a strong foundation to carry heavier things without any strain. The base measures 5*105*87 millimetres, a considerable base proportionate to the weight it can carry. What more, it has holes designed to give it a mounting advantage when in use for safety and accurate operation. It weighs 1.4 kg which means it easily portable, granting you the advantage of carrying it along with you wherever you want.  

Key Features & Advantages 

This tool is amazingly designed to lift, press or clamp with unimaginable accuracy and in an impossible timespan. A task that would take hours to lift to position, and another length of time to clamp, can take a few minutes to complete. It is a tool fitted for your hands that is impressive, impactful and easy to use. Due to its fit for a great number of jobs, it has replaced numerous traditional tools. Due to its usefulness in tightly holding fixtures to position, it is the height of creativity, helping to safely render quality performance at an incredible speed. With this machine, you can perform 10 times more tasks in comparison to old traditional tools.  

Faster and accurate performance means you save time and money while increasing productivity. Whereas it works faster, it leaves a strong and long-lasting construction, unlike the other tools. It is one tool that is worth your money going by its durability and service.   

The Viking Arm Tool is durable and easy to use. It has made fitting fixtures and construction just another simple operation. No more struggles with fixtures, no more standby human support, all you do are slide your fixtures in the clamp and let it do the rest. It is an amazing tool for technicians and plumbers. 

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They are not dual to aerial lifts in that the lifting mechanisms usually move the work platforms up and down with effect to the crossed beams. 

Requirements ; 

There are certain standards that employers need to comply, with to enhance safety while protecting workers from hazards which are associated with the lifts. 

Some of the requirements include; 

Accidental prevention responsibilities. 


Proper training and giving of information about how it should be used and run, before being allowed to use. 

Employees are required to comply with safety and training requirements, as well as report to the managers any dangers or safety concerns. 


All scissor lift operators must be trained by a competent operator on the specific equipment that shall be used. Scissor lift operators will be evaluated once, after every three years while issuing a certificate. Teaching is done through safety operating a Mobile Elevating Work Platform. (MEWP) through different methods that is; gaining hands-on experience of using scissors lifts and booms, lectures, discussions and regular testing followed by a final exam which is passed For a candidate to Qualify. On completion of the course, successful participants receive ( PAL) Powered Access Licence to act as evidence that they are fully qualified to use scissor lifts. 

Minimum training requirements. 

Manufacturers instructions for operating the lift vertically and while in transit. 

How to handle the materials on the scissor lift for example; weight lifts. 

Reporting of any defects seen on equipment/ maintenance needs. 

Worksite hazards that may be encountered by other workers for example; contact with electric wires. 

Unique hazards which the operator should be aware of. 

  • Wind speeds; The maximum wind speed is 28 mph. 
  • Wind direction;  The operator must ensure that the scissor does not face broadside to the wind as it has a higher risk of tipping over. 
  • Slope; The scissor lift should be used on level terrain to avoid being on an angle as it may cause a hazard. 
  • Falling;  The operator must ensure that all guard rails are in decent condition properly installed. 
  • Collapse; Ensuring all safety systems are designed to stop slumping, to be maintained and not bypassed. 
  • The operator should also ensure that the weight on the work platform does not exceed the manufacturer’s, load rating. 
  • Daily inspections before use, to be done, to ensure it is in good condition. 

Benefits of a scissor lift. 

It creates a safe off ground working environment. 

It makes it easy to transport materials and in large volumes. 

Provides an easy and quick solution, when there’s need to work away from the ground. 

It gives more stability to people working at heights. 

It increases efficiency in your workplace. 

Saves money on stable working and problems of lifting. 

Allows trained users to work at heights safely for extended periods Academy for lift scissors

Pawnshop what they are, what they offer, how they help. A pawnshop is a loan money business where people bring valuable items, which they leave at a pawn shop in exchange for money gold pawn shop. The example of items includes televisions, computers, cameras, watches, jewelry, musical instruments, cars, sporting goods, lawn equipment, and so on. The loan offered is collateral taken by securing something valuable. Help their clients to meet quick cash demand based on the stuff offered. Costs start-up are relatively small, which at the end typically does not bring a large margin of profit because of the low-interest rate. 

Pawnshop what they are, what they offer, how they help. There are many things about pawnshop which a lot of people may miss out on some bargain. It is a multimarket which rolled out in one place, many items are sold in one place. It is also important to the communities by providing fast, easy money to people when borrowing little money. Many things happen at a pawnshop, people sell their merchandise, people buy used and new merchandise, and people use their collateral to borrow money, you must keep pawn receipt ticket for a future refund.  

Pawnshop what they are, what they offer, how they help. Have you ever needed quick money? Many people perceive pawnshop to be seedy and dirty. But most of it is regulated by regulations and statutes. the majority of it is clean, providing good service to customers. When requiring urgent money, you may urgently consider heading to a pawnshop. Although, you may walk away with money in your pocket, novices you should learn their statutes and regulation before you enter their shop and transact. 

Pawnshop repayment loan. The payment balance includes an added fee plus loan amount on the initial transaction before the deadline. After the stated period you cannot get your item as pawnshop keeps it on the consequences by which they may be sold as you lose your item. You may incur additional charges in case you request to extend the loan period. Pawnshop may require every day to submit a list of all items received to the police. In case there is a report of lost items the police may compare with the record given by the pawnshop. 

Pawnshop advantage. When you require a small amount of urgent cash, a pawn shop is the best choice but they vary with interest rate associated with debt. They do not perform on credit checks as they have collateral. The failure of the client may result in the loss of an item. As a business venture is requiring few skills to operate as may require appraising merchandise value. 

Pawnshop’s disadvantage is that the interest rate varies from one shop to another. Some pawnshop offers much higher than what support to offer. Due to the small value of items exchanged on pawnshop, there is a small return on investment. 

Pawnshop should be prepared on red tape as is its obligation to confirm the legal legitimate owner of the property. When done business with a pawn shop you may expect to follow protocol rules and regulations of the government. 

Manufactures pass through several processes when retaining cotton fabrics. On the other hand, once the fabrics have been obtained, they are used in making several textile materials. The process of obtaining a cotton fabric from the cotton plant and some uses of the fabrics are as follows; 

Cotton fabrics are derived from the cotton bolls in a protective casing that consists of the seeds and the fluffy and white thread like substance. The seeds are relatively smaller and are present in the bolls. The cotton seeds are first separated from the boll using several steps. This separation was initially done by the use of hands. This method was later substituted with mechanical devices that make it a bit easier. 

The first step is defoliation. This is where the leaves are removed from the cotton plant during harvesting. It is mainly done by human labor to preserve the quality of the cotton produce. A cotton gin is then used in removing trash and seeds from the cotton bolls. It also arranges the already made bolls into bales.  

The cotton bales are then transferred to textile production facility where they are carded. This is where the fibers are converted to long strands. They are later made into yarns through rolling. These yarns are therefore subjected to chemical treatments or dying. From this process, the yarns are woven into different textile materials. 

It is a procedural process when obtaining fabrics from the cotton. Manufactures always follow these processes keenly in order to obtain quality and highly dependable fabrics. 

Uses of cotton fabrics 

Cotton is mainly used for making clothing. It makes about 70-75% of the world’s clothing products. However, some clothes such as true jeans are 100% made of cotton. It is highly breathable and absorbent hence it is chosen over other fabrics in making warm clothing and facemasks. It is also best for business and formal wear due to its attraction and neatness. 

Cotton fabrics are also used in making bathrobes, bathmats and towels. For instant, most towels used are about 80% cotton. On the other hand, some bathmats are purely cotton and they are usually very soft and friendly to the skin. Many people prefer cotton bathrobes to others made from other fabric materials. This is because they are usually attractive and smooth and have finer textures. 

They are also used in making beddings. These are mainly bed sheets, blankets and duvets. Beddings made from cotton fabrics are usually warmer and more comfortable. 

Manufactures have gone ahead to make curtains, wall hangings and other home decorations from cotton fabrics. 

They are also used to make medical supplies, industrial threads and even tarps. It can also be used to make any other type of textile in a manufacturing industry. 

In summary, cotton fabrics can be used to make several textiles ranging from clothing to industrial threads and many more materials.  

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Marijuana is banned by regulation from being offered as well as being distributed in some states in the United States of America. Despite it being restricted by the federal government, it is legislated in some states. Cannabis is cost its leisure usage as well as additionally as a numbing drug. Physicians and various other physicians prescribe bhang to some individuals under strict steps. Due to the medication being vulnerable to misuse by numerous people, the government has set rigorous actions to control its selling. Especially for individuals utilizing cannabis everyday Some techniques placed forth to control the medication buying include the following:

The person acquiring the medication must be twenty-one years, as well as above

This is to ensure that before making a decision to purchase, an individual has actually made a straight decision to buy the medicine. This also is to guarantee that a person is accountable for their decision-making, and also for that reason condemned of misuse can be convicted in a law court. This is because anyone in this specified age brace is a fully grown up. The government makes use of numerous means to scrutinize a person’s age, as well as this can be through obtaining the information from the individual’s birth certification, key or identification card. What about buying marijuana?

Taxes by the federal government

Every individual that is licensed to market cannabis in the United States of America pays a tax obligation of 15%. This tax is imposed in regard to the quantity of money the cannabis suppliers get from selling the medication. Normally, the tax obligation is inversely symmetrical to the earnings understood. This is generally done to make sure that not everyone is allowed to have a dispenser for this medicine.

Licensing the sellers of marijuana

This entails the issuance of a lawful paper allowing individuals to offer marijuana to whoever the person wants to purchase. The government issues licenses to be able to identify illegal materials or marketing of bhang. In this means, the purchase of this medicine ends up being convenient. There are also options for mail order weed

Quantity of marijuana to eat

some bhang consumers are clients under prescription by a medical professional or any type of various other medical expert. This suggests that their intake is well stated. Other individuals that are not people are intended to take the drug under some censorship. Those manufacturing and also processing bhang are as a result advised to establish limitations of purchase to ensure that that purchasing will certainly not obtain large amounts which can bring about its abuse. This is because regarding bhang can be Medically vital, it can as well bring about mind damages when not managed, resulting in brain impairment

Detaining the ones that break the law governing getting of cannabis

Those that are condemned of abuse or unlawful accessibility to cannabis are detained with the stipulations of the public law. This relates to those individuals that market cannabis without licenses, and also the ones that do not pay tax obligations as well as still market the drug.

The states in which bhang is legislated must put procedures to manage the marketing of marijuana. This will certainly reduce the misuse or abuse of the medicine. Every person claiming to under prescription of the drug by a doctor ought to supply an authorization to verify their insurance claim. This helps avoid wrong details. Those who take bhang ought to additionally comply with the directives released by the entertainment states.

Currently, social media has been changing as the day progresses making it easy for those specializing in digital strategy to generate increased audience engagement. There are some various writing tips that can be enforced towards making the message more appealing to the audience via developing creative design. If money and other resources are put aside for uploading details on social media, business owners need to get better returns from this investment. The returns include achieving all the goals from each social media platform- but if content is created without an outstanding social media strategy, since each platform outlines how it can help a business in achieving its goals, most of the efforts will be a waste. Thus, having a creative design and action approach, influenced by business goals, this is an important factor for the growth of a business.  

Despite having a well-set approach, a business owner specializing in digital strategy is required to develop a social media post and content that targets identified clients motivating them to take a step forward. This article briefly discusses some several tips for content creation that is ideal for the targeted audience.  

Conduct a thorough research 

One of the greatest ways of engaging the targeted audience group is by ensuring that they become highly relevant during creative design development. Success will be attained from relevant posts that are created. However, relevancy is not the only factor that should be mainly considered. Time is great aspects that should also be considered in order to determine the taste and preferences of the audience. Business owner may start from general demographic inform on progress so on so forth. Basically, determine what the audience are missing on social media and come up with outstanding solution for them.  

Speak their language 

Business owners should learn on the language that clients use when describing their challenges and needs. This language is important since it will help in generating creative design in respect to their language. This will help them in depending on your brand and services since they are aware that you are understanding challenges affecting them.  

Develop business voice 

Social media posts being created in the language of the audience should have the overall message written in the voice of the business. Business voice determines the emotions directed towards the marketing activities as well as social media interactions. The voice is created using the tone and language used when developing content and while interacting with clients. Business voice should be consistency throughout the creative design developed and posts that are uploaded on different social media platforms. Consistency helps potential clients to emotionally connect as well as build trust and help to identify social media posts as a part of the business.  

How to select a marketing agency in Ontario

Canadian banks have had a longstanding relationship with agricultural clients and farmers. These relationships have made it possible for banks to work with agricultural customers on day-to-day challenges experience in farming. Many banks have created products for farmers per Canadian banking Laws

Agriculture Departments
Canadian banking laws allow for all major banking institutions to have dedicated departments that take care of clients in the agriculture business. Beyond creating business accounts, banks also develop products that help agricultural clients build capital, acquire farming equipment, manage risks and expenses as well as make sound investments.

Support for Young Farmers
There are many young farmers in Canada, and they play an integral part in contributing towards Canada?s agriculture sector. More often than not, young farmers require a lot of financial support and advice. Canadian banking laws make provision for this through the various banks with agricultural departments.
Some banks provided tools and farming supplies. Many also help young farmers create business plans. They also hold seminars where experts engage the young farmers providing valuable insights that can help them in their agricultural businesses. Banks also offer support to remarkable young farmers entities by providing scholarships and networking opportunities.

AgriInvest Accounts
Farmers and individuals in Agribusiness are encouraged to open AgriInvest accounts in banks participating in the La Financiere Agricole program. By creating this account, one can be able to take advanced of the matching contributions offered by the federal government under the AgriInvest program. People in Agribusiness can, through the program, manage small drops in their farm incomes. It doesn?t take much to open an account. All that is required is your original AgriInvest Account Form of initiation from your bank, and identification documents. Other requirements are available in the Agri-Food and Agriculture Canada.

Support for Farms
All central banks in Canada participate in lending agricultural loans in line with the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program. The program was created to help farmers establish their farming businesses with ease. Agricultural co-operatives also have access to the loan, and they can use the funds to distribute and market farming products.

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program offers loans not exceeding $500,000 for agricultural land or construction and improvement of structures. One can also apply for a loan of not more than $350,000 for other purposes Banks agriculture specialists can determine if one qualifies for the appropriate credit, they are interested in. 

International Expansion
Canadian banking laws allow for agricultural customers and farmers to expand their businesses abroad. Banks in Canada support these farmers by helping when exporting their agricultural goods and services across borders so that they can become players in the global markets. In some instances, banks help clients partner with EDC (Export Development Canada). This way, they can get some level of guarantee, finance, and insurance products that can help them develop their businesses abroad.

Importance of having a healthy roof for the house

Having a health and well-maintained Mountain West Roofing has got a number of advantages. One, it helps in preventing expenses that can be required in repairing the given roof due to negligence. Therefore, it is good to always take note of any defect in the roof before waiting for the worst part that may bring a lot of issue hence consuming money and tome that can be used in taking care of other life matters. below shows some of the main benefits one can get in having a well-maintained and health roof for the house.

Protection of own investment. Individual homes are one of the greatest investment many people make. Thus, it should be taken care off at all times. This helps in taking good care of other elements that are used in the compound. Regular maintenance should thus be encouraged so as to minimize cost for large emergency on the roof top at certain times of the year. This will also help in lengthening the durability of the roof. It is advisable to thus consult inspectors for such cases at least three or two times in a year.

Increase of home value One of the selling point of a home is the RCABC roof. Thus, it should be kept in the right condition at all times. Keeping this condition will expect one to have a good selection of roof material as well as the best knowledgeable expert to fix the roof. Once it is fixed, regular mainatence should be kept to help in keeping the roof up to date.

Protection from costly hidden damages Another important merits associated with health roof is protection form unnecessary damages that can cost a lot of money. For example, major leakages in the roof can total an individual a lot of fee when it comes to re-fixing the problem. The leakages are also the result of ceiling damage which at later time causes the effect on the wall hence damaging the whole structure. As a result, one is forced to do the re-modelling which is an extra cost that could be used in taking care of other issues. It is advisable to always conduct inspection in certain times in the year to help in preventing such cases.

Saves money on heating and cooling A well-insulated and ventilated roof will help in preventing the cost of installing heating and cooling services. this helps in giving a cool climate that is adoptable to all human living in the house. Hence, preventing any chance of contracting disease that can be brought by unconduciveenvironment. In order to have a good home, it is good to consider roofing part beforeeven installing all other interiors works since it is the protector of all.

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Should you hire a long term disability lawyer?

There are instances when hiring a long term disability lawyer will be inevitable. This is especially true when your claim has been denied or delayed in an unfair manner. Most of the people faced with the need to hire a long term disability best injury lawyers in Saint John, NB however wonder what the lawyer will do for them that they cannot do themselves and save their money. The first thing to note is that all insurance companies use lawyers and it might not be a fair fight facing these lawyers on your own. You need to have someone on your side to help you through the process. Here is how the long term disability lawyer will help you get your deserved compensation.

You get a representative – the lawyer you hire is competent with the ERISA law or the Federation Of Law Society long term disability law that is going to be used to determine your case. When you hire a lawyer you get a representative that will deal directly with the insurance company and the plan administrator. If they were dealing directly with you they can easily intimidate you or use such other methods to ensure your compensation doesn’t go through.  A lawyer is also a good representative because they know all the procedures that need to be followed to start the lawsuit and follow it through. Since you are disabled and might not be as active as you normally would, have someone to deal with issues on your behalf takes away all the pressure and the stress from you. 

They understand the jargon – the wording used in the policy document is not always straight forward and easily understandable as many would think. For instance there is the term “your occupation” and “any occupation” used to deny many compensations. A lawyer understands what you are into and can be able to not only explain it to you but also to use it to defend you. Filing the lawsuit also requires that you have knowledge of some terms to be able to do it successfully. A lawyer is able to take you through the processes required easily.

They prepare your file – preparing the claims file before it is taken to court is really important testimonials It determines how well the case will go. Presenting a case file without all the relevant evidences will affect the case in a major way. The lawyer knows all the documents that you need to have included in the file before it is presented to the court. Once the proceedings begin, the court could deny addition of new evidence to the case which can mean you losing the case.

Hiring a long term disability lawyer is the best move that someone who wants to win a claim should do.

The Indonesian language is considered to be one of the easiest languages in the world! Even though you may think that many foreign languages are difficult, you may find it to be an enjoyable experience when you finally decide to enroll for Indonesian language classes so that you can start learning.

Unlike the German language, you will find that the Indonesian language has no grammatical cases and genders at any point that are attached to nouns. This will make it very easy for you to be able to understand the words as well as the pronunciations properly. You are also going to have an easy time in trying to figure out where the nouns lie. Click here for price for learning Indo in SG

Unlike English which makes use of very many tenses, the Indonesian language does not make any use of tenses at all. Instead of making use of tenses, you can make use of aspect markers and time indicators like 2days ago, yesterday, now and tomorrow and everything will fall into place.

Unlike the Chinese language where the use of tones is a must, the Indonesian language does not make use of any tone when it comes to the pronunciation of words. No matter where it is that you are going to put the stress when communicating, people are still going to be able to recognize the word that you are trying to communicate and understand it.

When it comes to the word formations in the Indonesian language, it makes use of a straightforward system that combines words making use of suffixes, infixes, and prefixes so that you can be able to create new words. For example, berate means to unite or make it one while state means one. What this means is that you are going to have very few words that you are going to be required to memorize. You can also be in a position to mix and match different words so that you can be able to create your word.

The sentence structure of the Indonesian language is similar to the way sentences are structured in the English language. Here, you will combine the subject + the verb +the object. Since most of you understand the English language, it is going to be very easy for you to form sentences making use of the Indonesian language.

After you have come up with the suitable location of your playground, the remaining bit will be about the coming up with the structures that fit the space. What you should have in mind is that the playground is more of a place for child play. They are to get the best of this or otherwise; they will consider other places. The design alone will create some judgement of what to expect in your playground. It should not be very much predictable. Let your customers see it like there is more you can offer with the equipment you have on a site. As you make choices regarding the equipment to incorporate, have this in mind;

Take the example of business. When you are stocking a variety of products, the more you keep selling. That means that if you stock one product, you will have to wait for long before the consumer for that particular product comes to buy. This concept applies even in commercial playground equipment​ The kids are made to love certain things but only for a period. That’s why there are many kids’ games at their disposal. For sure, they will get bored if they keep playing one game time after time. To ensure that you attract as many kids as possible, have several different playing equipments inside your playground.

You are probably not the first to have a parks​ around your region. If you just envy some other person’s play center, things will be hard for you. You will have to work against the competition. These days, artificial playgrounds are being seen as the potential income generating investments not only in the temperate regions but also in climate favored areas. For this reason, investors have turned to it with vigor, and now the market is overstocked with these playgrounds. It is up to you to go for special and modern equipment for your ground to remain outstanding.

If you scroll through google play store, the highly rated games will be challenging. This does not mean that they are difficult. The aspect of a challenge being defeated is what brings the fun. Don’t go for a playground equipment if you are sure they are simple to use. As the kids learn how to use the equipment and understand the game behind it, they get the best of fun, and you get more income.Most of the equipment in playgrounds will be the inflatables. As you buy them, consider what makes them. The materials they are made of can be durable or not. There is no need of enjoying the income but only for a short duration of time. Let your investment last long with quality durable equipment.

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The best way to use to build your strength plus body flexibility is engaging in Pilates mat classes and the cloth used is a critical component that cannot be ignored. When you begin the exercises, you will discover that for to perform them actually the surface your body lies on should be padded and having a good cushion. However, the mat required is not just any floor carpet you find in the market for workouts. Therefore, when you are purchasing one, below are points you must know and remember.

1. Thickness- Even though you will not find any difference between yoga and Pilates, the widths of the two mats are not the same. The reason is that the workouts involved are completely different. Thus, with Pilates, the mat should be a bit thick compared to the yoga one and should be about half an inch. As a result, make sure you get the right rug for your Pilates mat classes.

2. Size- Another important point you should remember is that the type of mat you use to sleep on is not the one to utilize with these workouts. It should be large enough to accommodate your entire body while you are doing the exercises. Therefore, the recommended size of the Pilates workouts should be six feet long and 2 feet breadth. This ensures that your body will be cushioned properly and will not have a difficult time when exercising.

3. Firmness- When selecting the best mat that will protect your body, you must ensure that the density is enough to pad your weight. Since most of the exercise is done on a hard surface, you must consider something that will not harm you. The main idea is to ensure you are comfortable when performing movements.

4. Type- When buying the mat, you should know that there are different types you can choose from. However, the most common ones are the type can be folded and when you enroll in any , you will notice that they are preferred. Therefore, when purchasing, you will also realize that it is not expensive hence you can get one that will cushion you well when working out. Furthermore, the rolled up type are easy to carry around, and you will just fold it up once you are through and place it in your car boot. This makes it easier to transport around, and you can go with it anywhere.

Important points you must remember when you want to engage in Pilates mat classes is you must choose the right one if you wish to accomplish the exercises correctly. When you select the right mat, you will not have problems when performing the workouts. Therefore, you will be able to strengthen your body muscles and attain the flexibility levels you want. Also, you cannot do any exercises in Pilates if you don?t have a mat. Therefore, you must invest in the right one.

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Commercial mortgage borrowers are always interested to know criteria lenders use to determine rates they offer Fort loans. One of an essential mortgage tips in Canada is to be aware of the relative risk. It is one of the most important issues for lenders to assess.  If the risk is lower, you get the lower rate. A higher risk attracts the higher rate. It is important for you to understand to also understand other important factors for lenders and underwriters.

Lenders analyze the net worth for you the borrower or your guarantor. They look at your credit history, cash flow, liquidity and experience in real estate to determine overall risk. Lenders like to deal with borrowers who have the real history in owning and running similar properties. They like to see sufficient cash reserves so that it can cover any unexpected issues that could arise. Lenders also like to deal with borrowers with the proper history of paying bills promptly.

One of general mortgage tips in Canada to get a loan is to have good quality property in suburban and large metropolitan areas to be lower risk than properties at small rural locations or of inferior quality.  When you have a real estate at , lenders will warm up to you as they know it is easy to find new tenants in case the current occupants move out or when remaining leases at time of purchase is short

Multi-tenanted property housing right tenants under long-term leases is very desirable for No bank likes vacancy, high vacation rates and constant state of instability. Lenders prefer well-run properties that will attract and retain long term tenants.

 If the property you want to mortgage has enjoyed stabilized occupancy levels with just minimal or no disruption for 2-3 years, you will be a gem to lenders. A creditor usually requires operating statements for past 2-3 years just to find out if a property does not have fluctuation rental histories. Their expectation is that a property has increasing net income and steady occupancy.

Debt coverage refers to excess in the operating income over your annual mortgage payments. Property producing high excess cash flow is a lower risk to mortgage providers. Excess cash flow might be used for mitigation against turnover or repairs and another cash drain. Loan to value (LTV) is also essential for the determination of risk.  A 50 percent loan to value loan is going to price better than loan 80 percent LTV. If a property experiences some difficulties, there will be much more room for error on the low-leverage loans.

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It is no secret that millions of native people around the world have been forced off their homelands to make way for oil, mines, timber, and agriculture. But few people realize that the same thing has happened for a cause which is considered by many as much nobler: land and wildlife conservation.

Indigenous peoples evicted from their ancestral homelands, for conservation initiatives, have never been counted; they are not even officially recognised as refugees. The number of people displaced from their traditional homelands is estimated to be close to 20 million. These expelled native peoples have been living sustainable for generations on what can only be reasonably regarded as their ancestral land.

The Omo National Park in Southern Ethiopia has been taken over by the Dutch conservation organization, African Parks Foundation (APF) also known as African
Parks Conservation, and an estimated 40,000 tribal people are in danger of being displaced and/or of losing access to their vital subsistence resources.

The 1570 square mile Omo National Park is home to the Suri, Dizi, Mursi, Me’en, Kwegu, Bodi and Nyangatom tribal peoples. These tribal peoples live in or use
nearly the entire park for cultivation and cattle grazing. They have made this land their home for centuries.

The Omo National Park was established in 1966, but its boundaries were never legally established, a process known as gazettement. To pave the way for a
management contract between African Parks Foundation and the Ethiopian Federal and Regional Governments, the boundaries were ‘demarcated’, in early 2005.
The demarcation was accomplished by Ethiopian park officials marking rocks at specific points using a GPS, redrawing maps, and persuading tribal people to sign
away their land, without compensation, on documents they could not read. This was done in hurried preparation for gazettement.

One Mursi tribal member reported that he “saw the police grab three Mursi people … and force them to sign the paper with their thumbprints.”

The gazettement of the Omo Park will make the Omo peoples illegal squatters on their own land. African Parks Foundation was made aware of the way the
‘agreement’ of local people to the park boundaries was obtained, and was asked repeatedly to include a ‘no evictions’ clause in its contract with the government.
They went ahead, however, and signed a contract, which makes no mention of the tribal peoples, in November 2005.

Ethiopian government officials said in 2005 that the Mursi would have to move out of the park, and African Parks Foundation says it cannot interfere with the plans
of a ‘sovereign government’.

People were evicted from a park African Parks Foundation took over, in 2004. In February 2004, APF signed an agreement to manage Nech Sar National Park,
near Arba Minch. In November 2004, 463 houses of the Guji people were burned down by Ethiopian park officials and local police, to coerce the Guji to leave
their land, inside Nech Sar.

“We usually hear news on the radio even when a single house is burned down by criminals. We hear all different kinds of crimes reported. In our case we lost 463
houses, but it was not reported at all,” said one Guji tribal member.

In 2004, more than nine thousand people of the Guji and Kore tribes were displaced from, and within, Nech Sar in attempt to fulfill a contractual agreement
between the government and APF that all people would be removed before APF took over management.

“We didn’t want to be involved in the resettlement, so I put a clause in the contract that said we wouldn’t take over the park until the resettlement was completed,”
said APF’s founder, Paul van Vlissingen.

African Parks Foundation founder Paul van Vlissingen, was Chairman of the global retail giant Makro Retail and Calor Gas, a liquid petroleum gas distribution
company. Rob Walton, Chairman of the board of Wal-Mart, is on the board of African Parks Foundation. The Walton Foundation has donated large sums of
money to APF and is listed as one of two major funders to African Parks, along with the US Department of State.

African Parks Foundation manages parks in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and Ethiopia and is reportedly looking at
managing more. The revenue from these Parks accrues to their projects, and is put towards opening more parks. “National Parks must become virtual companies,”
Paul van Vlissingen has said and this corporate philosophy for his conservation organization makes sense, with the business tycoon Rob Walton on board.

The environmental impact of this plan could be disastrous, if people, who have managed this land and its wildlife for centuries, are removed. Tribal people have
formed this landscape over thousands of years of agricultural and grazing. The most radical change to the ecosystem would be the removal of humans, whom the
wild animals have evolved behavior patterns with over millennia. Hungry, angry peoples surrounding the park would be detrimental to the success of the park and
the biodiversity.

If the tribal peoples of the area are removed, there is great risk of both violent conflict with the government and with any tribes whose land they are moved onto.
There is no unused land in the area; fights would ensue over too little land for two many people.

“The Ethiopian government should be very worried about the prospects of even more violence if they go ahead with their apparent policy of removal in the Omo …
area” said David Turton, a British anthropologist with over 30 years experience working among the Mursi, one of the tribes living in the boundaries of the Omo
National Park. “Any attempt to encroach on Mursi territory will ratchet up the existing pressure on resources in the lower Omo area.”


African Parks Foundation (now known as African Parks Network) of the Netherlands has announced it will withdraw from its lease of both the Omo and
Nech Sar National Parks, Ethiopia, by October, 2008.

Human rights organizations had voiced concern that African Park’s plans to manage the Omo National Park would have evicted local tibes from their
ancestral land, or caused them to lose access to vital agricultural and grazing land. Seven tribes, the Suri, Dizi, Me’en, Nyangatom, Kwegu, Bodi, and
Mursi, live in or use the land designated as the Omo Park for subsistence resources. An estimated 40,000 people use park resources

In a statement released by African Parks in December, 2007, they cited the actions of human rights organizations and possible “legal challenges from one
party or other” in their reasons for withdrawing from the Omo Park. The Mursi are relieved by the news, ‘Now that African Parks are leaving, everything is
well. Our cattle will graze along with the Dik-Diks, Zebra and Warthogs. If our land is taken, it is like taking our lives.’

Furthermore, APF’s withdrawal from Nech Sar National Park will mean a contractual obligation stipulated by APF for the government to remove the
Guji tribe, will not be carried out.

Native Solutions to Conservation Refugees has advocated for the rights of the local communities in and around the Omo Park since January, 2006. Native
Solutions director, Will Hurd, lived with the Mursi in their territory, for one year.