New Refugees To Indonesia Struggle To Learn Language

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The Indonesian language is considered to be one of the easiest languages in the world! Even though you may think that many foreign languages are difficult, you may find it to be an enjoyable experience when you finally decide to enroll for Indonesian language classes so that you can start learning.

Unlike the German language, you will find that the Indonesian language has no grammatical cases and genders at any point that are attached to nouns. This will make it very easy for you to be able to understand the words as well as the pronunciations properly. You are also going to have an easy time in trying to figure out where the nouns lie. Click here for price for learning Indo in SG

Unlike English which makes use of very many tenses, the Indonesian language does not make any use of tenses at all. Instead of making use of tenses, you can make use of aspect markers and time indicators like 2days ago, yesterday, now and tomorrow and everything will fall into place.

Unlike the Chinese language where the use of tones is a must, the Indonesian language does not make use of any tone when it comes to the pronunciation of words. No matter where it is that you are going to put the stress when communicating, people are still going to be able to recognize the word that you are trying to communicate and understand it.

When it comes to the word formations in the Indonesian language, it makes use of a straightforward system that combines words making use of suffixes, infixes, and prefixes so that you can be able to create new words. For example, berate means to unite or make it one while state means one. What this means is that you are going to have very few words that you are going to be required to memorize. You can also be in a position to mix and match different words so that you can be able to create your word.

The sentence structure of the Indonesian language is similar to the way sentences are structured in the English language. Here, you will combine the subject + the verb +the object. Since most of you understand the English language, it is going to be very easy for you to form sentences making use of the Indonesian language.