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Among the farm tools and equipment used are:

1. Post driver

2. Post Hammer

3. Post driver

4. Post pounder

In this article, we are going to concentrate on the post-pounder.

The post pounder was invented by Dan Rohrer back in 1998. The fence pounder is also called a fence-post driver. Their prices vary according to;

1. The weight

2. The post diameter

3. Power option that is: manual, hydraulic, or even pneumatic.

A manual post pounder has concrete steel at the end to provide the additional driving force. Their usage occurs with metal t-posts such as those used in the agricultural setting.

Pneumatic post-pounders use an air compressor to provide power to the tool. Their usage is primarily for large fencing projects.

Hydraulic post powders drive almost any time of a fence post.

Features of the post pounder for fences

1. It has a heavy steel pipe closed at one of the ends

2. It has two handles to enhance stability

3. Only one person uses it

4. Its length is 26.6 inches

5. It has a diameter of 6.14 inches

6. Its drive weight is 34 pounds

Factors that should consider while purchasing a post pounder 

1. Usability

I will advise you to purchase a tool that increases the output of the farm production. Farming also requires using tools to save time and money, and the use of tools also reduces labour costs. I, therefore, highly recommend you buy tools that are easy to use.

2. The cost

You should purchase a post-pounder for fencing that suits your budget. Always measure the utility of a tool against the output. Used for attaching Accessories T-Post (1.33 lbs/ft) and most fabrics, such as, highway woven wire, non climb, deer fence and even chain link. The twisted end will be twisted on the side of the T-Post. 

It’s worth spending money on something that will serve you for longer than buying a cheap tool that gets damaged easily

3. Maintenance

All tools and equipment require special maintenance to increase their durability period. If a device can serve you for a long time, there is, therefore, the need to keep it clean and well maintained.

Reasons why maintenance is essential:

To increase durability

To prevent them from harming the user

To prevent them from rusting

4. The durability

One should buy a post pounder for fencing that can last for long or is durable. The extension of the durability period is possible by carrying out maintenance practices.


The above discussion lets you know the significance of acquiring the post-pounder.