How Cotton Fabrics are Made and Their Uses

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Manufactures pass through several processes when retaining cotton fabrics. On the other hand, once the fabrics have been obtained, they are used in making several textile materials. The process of obtaining a cotton fabric from the cotton plant and some uses of the fabrics are as follows;

Cotton fabrics are derived from the cotton bolls in a protective casing that consists of the seeds and the fluffy and white thread like substance. The seeds are relatively smaller and are present in the bolls. The cotton seeds are first separated from the boll using several steps. This separation was initially done by the use of hands. This method was later substituted with mechanical devices that make it a bit easier.

The first step is defoliation. This is where the leaves are removed from the cotton plant during harvesting. It is mainly done by human labor to preserve the quality of the cotton produce. A cotton gin is then used in removing trash and seeds from the cotton bolls. It also arranges the already made bolls into bales.

The cotton bales are then transferred to textile production facility where they are carded. This is where the fibers are converted to long strands. They are later made into yarns through rolling. These yarns are therefore subjected to chemical treatments or dying. From this process, the yarns are woven into different textile materials.

It is a procedural process when obtaining fabrics from the cotton. Manufactures always follow these processes keenly in order to obtain quality and highly dependable fabrics.

Uses of cotton fabrics

Cotton is mainly used for making clothing. It makes about 70-75% of the world’s clothing products. However, some clothes such as true jeans are 100% made of cotton. It is highly breathable and absorbent hence it is chosen over other fabrics in making warm clothing and facemasks. It is also best for business and formal wear due to its attraction and neatness.

Cotton is also used for Ravenox Tug of War  as well.  Most of these types of rope are all done with manufacturing processes and turn out great for a good game of pulling each other back and forth.

Cotton fabrics are also used in making bathrobes, bathmats and towels. For instant, most towels used are about 80% cotton. On the other hand, some bathmats are purely cotton and they are usually very soft and friendly to the skin. Many people prefer cotton bathrobes to others made from other fabric materials. This is because they are usually attractive and smooth and have finer textures.

They are also used in making beddings. These are mainly bed sheets, blankets and duvets. Beddings made from cotton fabrics are usually warmer and more comfortable.

Manufactures have gone ahead to make curtains, wall hangings and other home decorations from cotton fabrics.

They are also used to make medical supplies, industrial threads and even tarps. It can also be used to make any other type of textile in a manufacturing industry.

In summary, cotton fabrics can be used to make several textiles ranging from clothing to industrial threads and many more materials.

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