Cheese knives are classified according to their features and the functions they perform. The best cheese knives are the ones that are very efficient in doing the specified task in which they are made regarding cheese. 

It can be pretty confusing choosing the best cheese knife; however, with the types, it will be easier to shop for your cheese knives according to the specific task they perform.

Mini cleaver cheese knife

Mini cleaver cheese knife is considered one of the best cheese knives around because of its wide blade and cleaver shape that allow the user to use force while cutting the cheese. The handle is on the upper side, preventing your knuckles from hitting the surface. It is highly recommended for cutting both semi-hard and hard cheese.

Soft cheese knife

It is a type of cheese knife with holes in the blade, and it is very sharp. A soft cheese knife is considered one of the best cheese knives for cutting soft cheese. The holes in the blade also allow you to push a piece of cheese off the blade.

Spatula knife

This cheese knife is made explicitly for spreading cheese spreads and creamy, spreadable cheese on bread and other foods. It is one of the best cheese knives for spreading cheese because of its blunt edges and rounded blade. It is best for spreading soft cheese.

Slim blade cheese knife

It purposely has a very slim surface area to prevent soft cheese from sticking on the blade. It is offset from the handle to the blade to avoid the cutter from hurting knuckles on the surface when using it. All the features of the best cheese knives are exhibited here by keeping the user safe by preventing the user from hurting themselves, having a thin blade and sharp edges. It is used for soft and semi-hard cheese.

Chisel knife

Helpful in slicing aged cheese by positioning the knife vertically and then moving it downwards. It has a broad flat blade and a sharp bottom edge. It is one of the best cheese knives for cutting both semi-soft and semi-hard types of cheese. 

Hard cheese knife

stiff cheese knife is one of the largest and best cheese knives you will ever find. They are made for pressing down and cutting a wheel or a wedge of some old hard cheese and slicing it into smaller portions. It has a long straight blade with a sharp edge and has one or two handles.

In conclusion, the best cheese knives are cheese knives that can efficiently and accurately cut or spread cheese, whether hard or soft, according to their specified functions.