Have you ever had time to think of the days when installing such things as doors, windows or frames had to be done manually? The process needed that a technician seeks the support of more than three other persons to help with putting the fixtures in place before applying the hinges. Not anymore with the new technology. With Viking Arm Tool, the operation has been made so simple.  

Viking Arm Tool is a clamping tool used in clamping doors, windows and any other innovation or construction that requires to be fitted tightly into a predefined position. It can lift a weight up to 150kg which means there is no limit to what it can do. Lifting materials to position, screwing bolts and balancing in position, this product is ingenious when in operation. It makes tasks that otherwise would have been complicated so simple. With the Viking clamping tool, your work as a fitter is made easier.  

Viking Specifications 

Viking Arm Tool is made of stainless steel, with some parts consisting of aluminum. This gives it the power to carry heavier loads and drive in tough bolts. it can lift a weight of up to 150 kgs with ease. It is capable of clamping an area of between 6 to 215 millimeters which means fixing your home doors, windows, floors or other home fixtures are no match for this amazing device.  

It has a wide base, made of steel, giving it a strong foundation to carry heavier things without any strain. The base measures 5*105*87 millimetres, a considerable base proportionate to the weight it can carry. What more, it has holes designed to give it a mounting advantage when in use for safety and accurate operation. It weighs 1.4 kg which means it easily portable, granting you the advantage of carrying it along with you wherever you want.  

Key Features & Advantages 

This tool is amazingly designed to lift, press or clamp with unimaginable accuracy and in an impossible timespan. A task that would take hours to lift to position, and another length of time to clamp, can take a few minutes to complete. It is a tool fitted for your hands that is impressive, impactful and easy to use. Due to its fit for a great number of jobs, it has replaced numerous traditional tools. Due to its usefulness in tightly holding fixtures to position, it is the height of creativity, helping to safely render quality performance at an incredible speed. With this machine, you can perform 10 times more tasks in comparison to old traditional tools.  

Faster and accurate performance means you save time and money while increasing productivity. Whereas it works faster, it leaves a strong and long-lasting construction, unlike the other tools. It is one tool that is worth your money going by its durability and service.   

The Viking Arm Tool is durable and easy to use. It has made fitting fixtures and construction just another simple operation. No more struggles with fixtures, no more standby human support, all you do are slide your fixtures in the clamp and let it do the rest. It is an amazing tool for technicians and plumbers. 

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