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Information on African Parks Foundation and its funders

African Parks Foundation is also known as African Parks Conservation. Their American branch is African Parks Foundation of America.
African Parks Foundation's website

The former Chairman and Founder of African Parks Foundation, Paul Van Vlissingen (personal assets $1.6 billion US), was also the former Chairman of one of the oldest family businesses in the Netherlands, SHV holdings. SHV holdings deals in global retail as Makro retail, and liquid petroleum gas as SHV gas.
Synopsis of SHV Holdings
SHV Holdings website

The Walton Family Foundation is one of the major supporters of African Parks Foundation. Rob Walton, personal assets $18 Billion US, the Chairman of the Board of Wal-mart, and the eldest son of Wal-mart's founder Sam Walton, is on the board of African Parks Foundation of America. The Walton Family Foundation is listed as one of two donors on the APF website along with the U.S. Department of state. 

According to APF's 2004 annual report: "The other main donations come from The Walton Family Foundation and Conservation International who acts as intermediary for the US State Department."
Rob Walton info

African Parks Foundation receives funding from the U.S. State Department for the Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia and Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi. As the Ethiopian parks are new to APF, APF will probably ask for funding from USAID for those parks in the future.

African Parks Foundation in the News

...the workers were unlawfully evicted from the farms”, property was bulldozed and their ancestors’ graves demolished. They insist SANParks approved the evictions.
Park plans bring 'grief'  Mail and Guardian, June 25, 2004

"Parks must become virtual companies." -Paul van Vlissingen
Makro King in Park rescue plan  Mail and Guardian, June 10, 2003